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Detective Comics #748

Urban Renewal part one
Rucka, Hester, Mitchell
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover: Excellent. Top panel - Batman is shocked, middle panel - C4, bottom panel - boom. The coloring is excellent as well. It's a shame that Johnson doesn't want to do interiors. The new trade dress also works well with this cover. Now, if only they would get rid of that silly Batface.

Story: It's been heating up for months, ever since No Man's Land ended, and now it finally explodes - the war between the OG's (Original Gothamites - those that stayed) and the DZs (deserters). Construction sites belonging to companies run by DZs are being bombed. Gordon is stuck in the middle, since he stayed during NML, but wasn't born and raised there. He's also under pressure from the mayor to make an arrest in the bombings. However, Gordon isn't sure they have the right suspect. The cliffhanger is great.

Art: Well, another fill-in, I assume because of the mammoth #750 coming soon. And the colors of the month are a dark blue and orange, similar to #742. Hester's art is good, and like the artist on #747, his work looks a lot like Martinbrough's. I think that the coloring also helps the art, since I doubt I would like it as well if he drew any other book.

Overall: An exciting story, it's great to see follow-up to NML.
(A - 96%)