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Detective Comics #682

The Troika part 3
Dixon, Nolan, Hanna
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Batman is in the same position as the previous two covers, only know he is on the middle of a building.

Plot - Aside from the confusing beginning, the plot is excellent. However, Robin appears from nowhere to help Batman when he misses his grapple toss from the end of SOTB #35, which he seemed to have made then. The KGBeast's attack begins on the city. Great action. We also meet the rookie cop Bock. (I think he had been introduced before, though.) Robin vs. KGBeast alone!

Script - Funny! After the incident at the beginning, Robin claims it helped his slamdunk. Bock's spitting out facts which he got from reading a lot. It's great.

Art - Nolan continues to amaze! Hanna is the best inker for him as well! Emotion in every image is perfect!

Overall - Except for the cover, which was starting to get old, and the beginning, this issue could have been the best of the bunch.
(A - 96%)