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Detective Comics #678

Zero Hour tie-in
Dixon, Nolan, McLeod
reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Nolan and Hanna's first on the run. Nothing spectacular but a dead Batman lying down. The Waynes mourn him as the killer runs off.

Plot - Excellent to see what if Bruce had died. Batman goes searching for the killer, but learns that it wasn't Joe Chill. It leaves the reader wondering if Chill really did kill the Waynes.

Script - Great insight into Batman's mind during this crisis.

Art - Always loved Nolan's work. Adrienne Roy did her best coloring during this era of Batman. McLeod was a good fill-in for Hanna.

Crossover - Only tie-in is the twist of fate. Ambigous to rest of series. Perfectly understandable as a one-shot standalone.

Overall - Good as stand-alone. Okay as tie-in.