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Shadow of the Bat #31

Zero Hour tie-in
Grant, Blevins
reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Awesome! Brian Stelfreeze paints an excellent cover which looks like an old wall painting. It even has some "imperfections" which make the reader look twice at the cover.

Plot - It is interesting to see a fat, clumsy Alfred who wants to be a detective. However, I do prefer the gentleman Alfred better. The flashback to KnightQuest is good for new readers.

Script - Alfred's dialogue is excellent, however, Robin mentions the "Batgirl we met a few nights ago". That's impossible, as Zero Hour took place over a 36 hour time period.

Art - Blevins was good with his first few issues, but here his art just doesn't look right. Again, he was another artist to leave within a few issues.

Crossover - Very ambigious. The only reference to other Zero Hour events is Batgirl, which is messed up. However, it does have one of the better time anomolies. (B)

Overall - Good as a single issue story. Only enhances Zero Hour as a breather from the main action. Not as great as Batman #511. (B)