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Robin #14

The Troika part 4
Dixon (w), Grummett (p), Kryssing (i)
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Batman in the same position as in the other 3 parts of this story, but with Robin looking from behind, the Bat-signal above them as they stand on the roof.

Story - Continuing the excitement of Detective 682! Great work by Dixon. At the end, Robin questions the final change, still trying to adapt. However, it seems to lack the full excitement of part 3, possibly because of the break and artist change.

Art - Grummett was one of the best on Superman, and he's one of the best in Robin. However, Nolan has the best art of the mini-series, with more emotion. It looks as if the coloring wasn't done as well as Detective. Plus, I think the inker is why I didn't like Grummett as much on Robin as on Superman.

Overall - Average ending. Would have worked better if it had been closer to the feel of part 3. Great epilogue to the KnightSaga. Perfect way to begin a new era of Batman.