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Robin #10

Zero Hour tie-in
Dixon (w), Grummett (p), Kryssing (i)
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover: Very cool. Two Robins: Tim and Dick. Interesting to compare the two Robin costumes.

Story: Cool to see Dick Grayson Robin and Tim Drake Robin together. However, after chasing after the villain, that little trick at the end shouldn't have fooled them. The fading was nice . . . but weakly executed. Plus, Dick took everything in stride, and accepted everything too easily.

Art: I've always liked Grummett, but for some reason, his Robin art was not his best, IMO.

Crossover: Fades out at end. However, it shouldn't, since Robin is still in Zero Hour #1 (which has to take place after Robin #10, because ZH #0 is immediately after ZH #1). Also, other than Fading, the only tie-in is Dick.

Overall: Cool story, but a little rushed. Would have been better if not part of Zero Hour or tied in even more. It could have been spread out more.