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Nightwing #1/2

"The Breaks"
Dixon, McDaniel, Story
reviewed by bluedevil2002

This little 16 page story is a very good introduction to the Nightwing series. And, it's done by the regular creative team, to boot!

It starts with the cover. Chuck Dixon was the model for this pose of Nightwing leaping through the city. (In fact, according to Scott McDaniel, you can barely see his limp or back brace anymore!) :)

Seriously, McDaniel's artwork is great. It's a bit cartoonish, but also realistic, a style I like. (I hope that made sense!) Combined with Karl Story's inks, and the colors of Roberta Tewes, the visuals of Nightwing jump out.

The story is action packed, just as you would suspect from Chuck Dixon. It explains the situations in the series enough for new readers to catch on and enjoy, but doesn't alienate new readers.

The inside cover shows some of the pencils to page one, and it's interesting to compare the pencils to the finished product.

Overall, this is great for a quick read, when you just want to have about five minutes of fun. It's also a good intro story for new readers. (Think I got the point across yet?)

Grade: A+