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Loeb, Sale
Reviewed by JYD

I like "Dark Victory" a lot--I like it better than "The Long Halloween." Maybe it's b/c more is better or it's b/c there is so much going on that (that whole more is better myth) and I am so confused that I am justifying my liking of it. Or maybe I'm just talking about of my ass. I like it. I love Sale's artwork and REALLY think they should do a black & white version of it--the colors are so simple and monochrome anyway, I actually feel it is taking away from his art!

The story's the same old: more people dying, more mob manuevering, no one knows what's going on. Catwoman's disappeared. But we do get one mystery solved. Two-Face turns out to be Janice Porter's lover which begs a question: is Porter Gilda Dent? Nah--can't be! Or can it? I still think the answer to who Hang Man is relies on some information from Clancy O'Hara--he was the only non-corrupt cop to bite it so far.

There's just so much going on and Loeb's strung us along this far--so I'm not going to waste time oohing and ahing over a superb book (even though it is kind of slow paced).

The Straight Dope: Why aren't you reading this series?

The JYD's grade: "Dark Victory" #5--A -