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Batgirl #5

Peterson and Puckett (w), Scott (p), Campanella (i)
Reviewed by The Angry Batman

Whoa, good issue. Batgirl is struggling to adapt to being able to understand words and has lost the person, who made it possible. After a brief tussle with the men from last issue she goes to Oracle to get this transmitter fixed that will lead her to that person. Oracle finds out she understands words and does a quick quiz, which ends in a funny situation. Meanwhile, Batman investigates the email he was sent and uncovers the truth behind it and finds out there are assassins running around in Gotham City. Which, leads to the ending with Batman meeting Batgirl with that guy and saying something about "All hell is about to break loose". So that will keep you for next issue at least. Good art as usual.

Grade: "Batgirl" #5--A