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Batgirl #2

Peterson and Puckett (w), Scott (p), Campanella (i)
Reviewed by JYD

Even though there are mixed opinions about the "Batgirl" book, I've found myself enjoying it. Of course, I also think the current season of the "X-Files" is great and I absolutely loved Gillian Anderson's episode and thought Duchovney's was hilerious. So take my opinion as you will. I do think the series isn't ironing out or touching on Batgirl as a whole--"Gotham Knights" #2 served well in that regard. Instead, we are treated towards the development of a rash, uneducated superhero. Issue #2 was interesting--I found the sad ending to be a shock and thought Batgirl's reaction to his death and the letter he wrote to be an intriguing catalyst towards her own learning. The fact that she punched a punching bag in half and kicked a hole in a wall also made me open my eyes. Batgirl's got some serious power.

The storytelling--what a difference an issue makes! Whereas #1 was very clunky, yet satisfying in its own little way, #2 worked harder to remain clearer. There was one part (when Batgirl accidently got locked in the cell w/ the dying guy) that puzzled me so that I had to re-read it a couple times--just means I should have to take my time and explore the silent world of this character. I would think this series is a challenge for its writers, and its artist--its definately risky, but remains a good read. Overall, I had no problems with it. Still things to be worked out to make it as smooth as possible, but we'll get there, no doubt when Batgirl begins to speak on a regular basis.

The JYD's grade: "Batgirl" #2--B+