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Batman #515

The Troika part one
Moench, Jones, Beatty
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Cool. Batman in the Batcave. All black embossed. Even though I don't like the majority of Jones's work, this cover really looks good. However, if it were fully colored, I probably wouldn't like it as much.

Story - Good starting chapter of The Troika. We see Bruce back as Batman, and then he goes straight to work. No time for pussy footing. He's back! However, Robin and Nightwing seem surprised at his attitude. I thought he was acting the same as he has always been.

Art - Horrible! I hate Kelley Jones's artwork! Batman still looks crippled. The ears are too big! Nightwing looks 100 years old, and Robin looks like he caught some deadly virus! The script leads us to believe that Batman has a new, darker costume. However, the coloring does not allow us to see that.

Overall - Story is good, moody beginning to the four part saga. The art tries to match it, but leaves something to be desired. Jones should never have been hired. (IMHO)
(D-) Grade would be lower based on above criteria, but if Manley was still on board, this issue would have been great.