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Batman #493

Knightfall part three
Moench and Breyfogle
reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover: This is not the wost Kelley Jones cover. I don't really like his Batman, but his version of Zsasz and the guy on the ground are cool.

Story: The plot is finally picking up. However, Batman seems to be more worn out than he should be. I mean, it's only part three, and he's already imagining the grave? Nevertheless, he must confront Mr. Zsasz - a ruthless killer who kills, and then cuts himself to tally his kills. It's a very dangerous and tense situation, but Batman pulls it off.

Art: Breyfogle did a much better job here than in the last Batman issue. And he was really able to shown how worn out Batman is.

Overall: Possibly the best chapter of the story so far. Moench has finally gotten the groove of this story, and it looks to be a great arc ahead.