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Batman #491

Knightfall prologue
Moench, Aparo
Reviewed by bluedevil2002.

COVER: Kelley Jones began his stint on Batman and Detective covers here, I believe. During most of his run, he inked his own work, which made it better that when others (like Beatty) inked it. We see the Arkham inmates coming at Batman. I never really liked how KJ did the cape of Batman. However, the figures in the foreground are excellent.

PLOT: First off, this should have been the first part of Knightfall, not just a lead-in. I mean, the whole drive of the first half of the storyline was that Bane had released all of the Arkham inmates. Anyway, this issue showed readers lots of details about past events. I guess this is for new readers, or those who are back-issue collectors, and only got the Knightfall series because they knew its importance to the mythos (kinda like me). Moench performs with quality.

ART: Jim Aparo is a great artist. I like his work. This was the last issue in which he inked himself. However, his style (with long, ovalish heads) doesn't seem to work well here. The art isn't bad, just boring. There are also some coloring mistakes here and there too. (see Joker on page 6)

OVERALL: Great way to begin a major storyline, except that it is not tagged at being part of Knightfall. It would have helped, and let readers know, so they don't get most of the way through the storyline, and not know. I did get this issue last, and the details, such as JP's haircut, and Batman's cold, helped me understand the rest of the story better. (B+)