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You have come and voted for your No Man's Land favorites. Now here they are!

Place Writer Percentage
First Greg Rucka 81%
Second Bob Gale 9%
Third (tie) Devin Grayson & other 4% (each)
LAST Larry Hama 1%

Place Artist Percentage
First Dale Eaglesham 36%
Second Alex Maleev 23%
Third (tie) Mike Deodato, Jr. 14%
Third (tie) Dan Jurgens 14%

Place Tie-ins Percentage
First Nightwing 49%
Second Azrael: Agent of the Bat 16%
Third (tie) Catwoman 10%
Third (tie) JLA #32-33 10%

Place Favorite One-Part Story Percentage
First Spiritual Currency 41%
Second (tie) Harley Quinn 20%
Second (tie) Assembly 20%

The next category was the first without a tie.

Place Favorite 2 or 3 part Story Percentage
First Endgame 60%
Second Jurisprudence 14%
Third Underground Railroad 7%

Favorite Four Part Arc - No Law and a New Order (86%) Fear of Faith received 14% of the vote

The next one had a close race the entire way through, with the winner finally beating out the second place in the end by two votes.

Place Favorite Painted Cover Percentage
First No Man's Land #1 - Alex Ross 41%
Second Harley Quinn #1 - Alex Ross 38%
Third NML #0 - Glen Orbik 17%

The winner of the next award left its competition in the dust.

Place Most Anticipated 2000 series Percentage
First Detective Comics 64%
Second Nightwing 12%
Third Robin 9%
LAST Batman 1%

AND NOW - The Final List of Winners!

Writer Greg Rucka
Artist Dale Eaglesham
Tie-in Nightwing
One-Part Spiritual Currency
2 or 3 Part Endgame
Four Part No Law and a New Order
Painted Cover No Man's Land #1 by Alex Ross
Most Anticipated Detective Comics

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