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The Dream
by Chip Caroon
Editor's Note - This story takes place before Uncanny X-Men #372.
Xavier awoke with a start. This was the fifth night in a row that he had had a nightmare. It was beginning to scare him. His hold on reality was beginning to get shaken. How long could this last?

Finally, Xavier lay back down into the bed. He quickly fell asleep. However, he was back into another nightmare.

The monster was huge. Charles couldn't see much, but he saw blue.

A blue monster? 'This is a child's nightmare!' Xavier thought.

The monster came closer.

"XAVIER!" it shouted in a deep metallic voice.

'No! It can't be!' Xavier recognized that voice.

Suddenly, the scene changed. Xavier was in Central Park with the X-Men. He could see humans interacting with mutants. Could it be that his dream was true?

He looked down. He was fully dressed, sitting in his hoverchair. Everything around him was peaceful. He smiled.

And that smile suddenly changed into a look of shock as one by one, every mutant in the park began to scream. Something was attacking them from the inside. Some fell down dead, others found that their mutant powers didn't work.

Charles felt something happening to his head. {A virus?} he thinks. {Has to be. Nothing els - ARRRGH!!}

Someone was inside his head, ripping it apart from the inside.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?" he shouted.

In the distance, he could see his X-Men coming. But, as they got closer, they began to fall in number. First, it was only two, but by the time that they reached Xavier, only Cyclops and Phoenix remained.

"We're here, Charles," Cyclops said. "We're here."

The pain in Charles's head stopped. He looked up at his best student, the student that he thought of as his own son.

"Scott," he said weakly.

"No more," Cyclops said, his eyes turning red. He tore off his visor, allowing the full blast of his optic beams to ravage Xavier.

{Scott, how could you?}

Xavier woke up again.

"It's coming! We must be prepared!"

The X Remix begins in Uncanny X-Men #372!