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Chip's Fan Fiction Page

Please visit DC/Marvel: The Merging. The Shadow 2000 has been moved to DC/Marvel: The Merging.
Last update: 2/6/04

Welcome to Chip's Fan Fiction Page. This is the place where I will post my fanfiction that won't fit anywhere else or is scattered around the internet. Wolverine and X-Men take place in an alternate timeline diverging from the point just after the June 1999 issues. Fantastic Four: TimeSwitch takes place in a timeline where four other heroes became the Fantastic Four, and What If . . .? takes place in a world where WWII lasted for 50 years. Shadow 2000 #0 was the original lead-in to the series, but may not fit the DCM continuity. The DCM stories take place wherever in that continuity.

DC/Marvel:  The Merging

Spider-Man at New Marvel

Fantastic Four: TimeSwitch and The Shadow 2000 logos modified by Chip Caroon from the original Fantastic Four and The Shadow logos, respectively. DCM logo created by Chip Caroon.

A Word from the co-EiC of DCM

DC/Marvel: The Merging has launched! Come visit and see the great new series!
Here are just a few series that you will see: Crisis on Merging Earths, Spider-Man, Batman, JSA, The Shadow 2000, X-Men, Agents of SHIELD, Young Justice, Avengers League, X-Factor, Generation Next, and more!
Chip Caroon, co-EiC of DC/Marvel: The Merging

DC/Marvel: The Merging
The Shadow's Internet Sanctum

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