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Here are my favorite phrases from Amos 'n' Andy

"The buttons is chilly." - Kingfish explaining to Andy about what Ralph Johnson says when he turns his shirts around. 6-9-1944 "Shirt Trails"

"He's my nephew on my mama and papa's side." - Andy telling Amos and Kingfish about his nephew. 11-19-1943 "Turkey Trouble"

"As far as they is recerned, the honeymoon is over." - Andy talking about the Comfy Collar Shirt Company. - "Shirt Trails"


Kingfish: "You're the only printing press in the neighborhood. You could make a lot of money here."

Counterfeiter: "That's exactly what we're gonna do."

12-3-1943 "Candy for Caroline"


"Holy Mackerel, Andy!" - Kingfish in "A Baby for Sapphire"

Other Old Time Radio Shows I enjoy are Suspense, Life of Riley, Burns and Allen, the Shadow, and Green Hornet.